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Placoholder API

PlaceholderAPI is a plugin for Spigot servers that allows server owners to display information from various plugins with a uniform format.

Player placeholders


"true" if the player is connected to the voice chat server

"false" otherwise


"true" if the player is muted on the server

"false" otherwise


"true" if the player muted the microphone on the client

"false" otherwise


"true" if the player muted the voice chat audio on the client

"false" otherwise

Other placeholders


The number of players with the mod installed

Custom Placeholders

It's likely that you won't make use of the "true" or "false" values by themselves.

Instead, you want to use it to create a custom Placeholder using PAPI's Javascript addon.

This example shows you how to create an icon that will change depending on if the player has Plasmo Voice installed or not.

Credit to anomouse on Plasmo R&D Discord for making the tutorial, and KPidS for translating and editing.


1. Download the Javascript extension for PlaceholderAPI

/papi ecloud download Javascript
/papi reload

2. Create a script

Go to /plugins/PlaceholderAPI/javascripts/ and create a file called check_voice.js.

Paste this code into the file. You can also customize the icons.

var placeholder = "%plasmovoice_installed%";
var voice = PlaceholderAPI.static.setPlaceholders(BukkitPlayer, placeholder);

var checkVoice = function (voice) {
  return voice === "true" ? " &a●&f | " : " &c●&f | ";


3. Import the script you created

Go to /plugins/PlaceholderAPI/ folder and open javascript_placeholders.yml file

Scroll to the bottom of the file and add these lines:

  file: check_voice.js

4. Reload Placeholder API

/papi reload

5. Use the placeholder you created