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Types of Add-ons


Client add-ons add new features to the client. You don't need to install client add-ons on the server.

A single file supports both Forge and Fabric.


Add the add-on into the ~/mods folder.


Add-ons marked as universal are server-side only.

You only need to install it on the server and the feature will work for all the players with Plasmo Voice.

All universal add-ons work on Spigot, Fabric and Forge.

Some can be also installed as Bungee or Velocity plugins.

On Fabric or Forge

Add the add-on into the ~/mods folder.

On Spigot, Bungee or Velocity

Add the add-on into the ~/plugins folder.

Note that you can install the add-on on Bungee or Velocity only if add-on description says you can.


Add-ons not marked as universal or client may work differently.

For example, they can be exclusive to a certain platform, or have different files of a different platform.

Read the add-on description to figure out how to install it and what platforms are supported.