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Plasmo Voice

Proximity Voice Chat for Minecraft

Plasmo Voice

Available for Paper, Fabric, Forge, Bungee, and Velocity

Paper, Fabric, and Forge servers are compatible with both Fabric and Forge clients.

Players need to install the Fabric or Forge mod on the client for the voice chat to work. Players without the mod are still able to join and play as usual.

Assuming Plasmo Voice is installed on both client and the server


Client features

  • RNNoise noise reduction.
  • OpenAL sound engine, great audio positioning.
  • Sound Physics Remastered compatability with pv-addon-soundphysics.
  • Change voice chat distance.
  • Optional sound-occlusion. Muffles the sound if blocks are in the way.
  • Select output and input devices.
  • Choose between Push to Talk or Voice Activation.
  • Optional Directional Sources. Makes the sound source quieter if it's not looking directly at you.
  • Choose the position of the GUI icons and toggle the visibility of the player icons.
  • Mute and change the volume of the players in the Minecraft social menu.
  • Hold RMB while looking at the player, and then use the scroll wheel to adjust the volume.
  • Stereo sources.
  • Discord-like overlay.
  • Smooth volume controls.

Check out voice settings by pressing V. Make sure you have the right devices selected and your microphone is working.

Server features

  • Opus Сodec. Low traffic usage and higher quality.
  • Configurable voice distance.
  • Server muting with chat commands.
  • Option to kick players who don't have the client mod installed.
  • Permissions.
  • Voice chat works in singleplayer and when using the Open to LAN feature.
  • Placeholder API support.
  • Vanish support.
  • Bungee and Velocity support.
  • Advanced API.
  • Encryption.

Server-side Add-ons

Universal add-ons work on Fabric, Forge and Paper.

Also read: Add-on Types

pv-addon-groupsCreate group voice chat channels. Keep talking with players far away.
pv-addon-sculkWith this add-on, warden and sculk sensors are triggered with proximity voice chat.
pv-addon-broadcastBroadcast your voice to all players in the radius, world, server, or proxy.
pv-addon-spectatorWith this add-on, all players can hear spectators.
pv-addon-whisperBy default, whisper is half of the current proximity distance. You can change the percentage in the config.
pv-addon-priorityVoice activation with a greater and configurable distance.
pv-addon-lavaplayer-libAdd-on bundled with LavaPlayer fork library required for some Plasmo Voice add-ons
pv-addon-discsPlay audio from Youtube and other sources in Minecraft using music discs.
The addon can stream audio from various sources instead of saving audio files on the server. It even supports YouTube and Twitch live streams.

Client Add-ons

pv-addon-sound-physicsAdd compatability with the Sound Physics Remastered mod.
With this add-on, Plasmo Voice will be affected by Sound Physics.
pv-addon-replaymodA fork of Replay Voice Chat that works with Plasmo Voice allowing you to record voice chat with ReplayMod.